Step 1: Identify & Prioritize Financial Goals

Identify your financial goals through an in depth conversation with your money coach to establish where you want your money to go. Your money coach then facilitates the prioritization of those goals so you can focus on them one at a time.

Step 2: Evaluate Current Spending

Discover where your money is being spent right now, then evaluate that spending to identify areas where you can save money. These savings can then be diverted toward your financial goals without giving anything up.

Step 3: Create Spending Plan

Integrate your goals and our savings ideas to create a personalized spending plan that you can realistically follow so you can achieve the financial goals you set for yourself.

Step 4: Monitor Your Spending (Money Coaching)

Monitor your own spending, or work with your money coach within our coaching program, using your new spending plan as a guide. In the coaching program your money coach tracks your spending for you, monitors the progress toward your goals, and coaches you to ensure you stay on course with your spending plan. This creates accountability and motivation that helps you reach your financial goals faster!