Spend Wisely. Live Wealthy.™

“What started out as a need for accountability and support with my goal of eliminating debt ended up being a transformational experience that gave me the courage and confidence to address other areas of my life. Today, I not only enjoy the freedom from debt but I now enjoy all the doors and opportunities this program helped to open! Thank you Dr. Budgets for changing my life!”Leticia, San Diego, CA

Spending is not about money, it is a reflection of what is important to you. And discovering what is important to you makes it easier to spend wisely so you can achieve your goals and live wealthy.

To achieve your goals, we work with you to create a personalized spending plan (budget) based on your unique situation.

  • We start by discovering your goals.
  • Next, we determine where your money is currently being spent so we can find the areas where you can save money.
  • We then create a plan unique to your personal and/or business situation that gives you a roadmap on how to achieve your goals.
  • You then decide whether you want to follow that plan on your own, or work one-on-one with a money coach, who will encourage you, hold you accountable and accelerate the achievement of your goals. Your coach is like a personal trainer for your money!

Showing you how to achieve your financial goals is our objective. Whether you want to pay off debt, save for a house, start a business, streamline your business, build emergency savings, build business savings, save for college, save for retirement, buy a car, travel more, organize your personal finances, organize your business finances, or build a strong financial foundation, we are here to encourage you to achieve your goals so you can have financial peace of mind.

In working with people across the country, our goal throughout the process is to show them how to develop healthy spending habits that will transform their lives.

Save more than our fee, or your money back!*

Do you want a 10 step guide that will show you how to save over $10,000/year so you can achieve your goals? Click below to receive your free copy of Ten Ways to Save $10K: A 10 Step Guide to Save Over $10,000/Year to Achieve Your Goals.

“Dr. Budgets is amazing!! We’ve been working with them for years and they have helped us achieve many goals, simplify our budget and control our spending without feeling like we’re missing out.”   –Jonathan B., San Diego, CA
“I thought my financial house was in order because I didn’t feel financially stressed. However, Dr. Budgets discovered so many leaks. Now my money goes EXACTLY where I want it to go.”Barbara, San Diego, CA

*We are so confident in our ability to save you money, that we guarantee it! If we don’t save you more money than our spending plan fee, then you will receive a full refund. Savings are based on annual savings found within your current spending.