By Daniel Rodriguez | Dr. Budgets Do you have variable income? Maybe you have variable income because you are in sales and earn a commission. Or, maybe you own a business and your income fluctuates month-to-month. Regardless of why you have variable income, your income isn’t fixed like someone employed in a salaried position. This situation is great when the big commission checks are rolling in or when business is going well, but what happens Read More
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This month, my wife and I participated in our annual month-long spending freeze (No-Spend Month). You might be surprised to learn that my wife has been doing this for over ten years – long before she met me! She calls it “No-Spendtember.” I have since joined in the “fun” of participating in this annual financial cleanse. The rules for us are simple: We can only spend money on gas, groceries, and bills for the entire Read More
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By Jeannie Rodriguez | Dr. Budgets There was a time when my daughter was around one year old that I started spending a lot of money. For a period of a few months, our expenditures were growing by a couple hundred dollars each month. I could justify pretty much all of it – it was kids stuff like sippy cups, clothes, utensils, and toys. Daniel and I review our spending every month, so we both Read More
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By Daniel Rodriguez | Dr. Budgets Recently, I have been thinking about my purpose in life (my WHY). And, I have been thinking about how that WHY ties into Dr. Budgets. This year, Dr. Budgets hit a big milestone… 5 years in business. As I reflect on those 5 years and on what lies ahead for the company, I have come to realize that the reason why I started Dr. Budgets was to achieve one Read More
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By Daniel Rodriguez | Dr. Budgets It’s officially summer and, for many of us, that means summer vacations! For many of my clients, the idea of saving for a vacation throughout the year had never occurred to them before working with me. They would simply charge all their vacation expenses to their credit card, which would just add to their overall debt. Budgeting for your vacation is advantageous for many reasons. So today, I’m going Read More
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By Daniel Rodriguez | Dr. Budgets Tara and Michael* were like a lot of couples I work with… one person wanted to work with a money coach and the other was resistant. Fortunately, Tara came around to the idea of working with Dr. Budgets and the two of them became a great team! Here’s their story:   Background Tara and Michael have been together for seven years and they both have a variable income. Tara: Read More
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By Daniel Rodriguez | Dr. Budgets Finances are the leading cause of stress in a relationship, so naturally, this is an area where couples should want to get on the same page with each other. Many couples have told me, “money is the only thing we fight about.” Often, these couples don’t need couple’s counseling, they need couple’s money coaching! A money coach is a great neutral third-party who can be the person who looks Read More
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Spring is here! Now is not only a good time for spring cleaning your home, but also for financial spring cleaning. Here are some things to consider when you do your financial spring cleaning: Review Budget (Spending Plan) We are about a third of the way through the year, so now is a good time to check in with your spending thus far. How are you doing with your spending this year? Have you spent Read More
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